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Bangladesh is one of the beautiful countries in world which is famous for its natural green land. The official name of Bangladesh is 'The people's republic of Bangladesh'. The capital of Bangladesh is Dhaka. It is bordered by India in three sites, in south the Bay Of Bengle is situated. Jolpaiguri, Kuchbihar, Asam, Meghaloya is situted in South of Bangladesh and Tripura, Mayanmar is sitiutated in East side in Bangladesh. In the west side, the West Bengle of India is situated.

She has 4712 kilometers boundary line. 3715 kilometers boundary line is lies between North and West India and 280 kilometer boundary lies in South and East where Mayanmar is situated. In South, she has 732 kilometers beach area.
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Geographical Location

Bangladesh lies between latitudes 20° and 27°N, and longitudes 88° and 93°E. It is situated in South Asia. The parallel of latitude 23* 27 north of the equator is situated in the middle of Bangladesh. Area: The total are of Bangladesh is 1, 47,570 square kilometers. The Territorial water area is 22 kilometers (12 Nautical Mile) and The Economic zone is more the 322 kilometers (200 Nautical Mile).
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Total population of Bangladesh is about 15, 85, 70,535 (Approximately) where population growth rate is 1.566%. The urban population is 28% of total population and urbanization rate is 3.1%. Per square kilometers 966 peoples live. In the view of population, Bangladesh is the 8th largest country in the World.


Maximum people of Bangladesh are Muslim. 89.5% of the total people are Muslim. Another are Hindu 9.6% and other 0.9%. Language: The only one language is Bengali of the country. In all government and non-government sector Bengali language is follow. Another Language is English is follow by some government and non-government sector.


Agriculture is main occupation of this countries people. About 62% people depend on agriculture. Business, job, self-employment etc. are another occupation.

Beautiful Bangladesh - Land of Stories (Video)


The education system in Bangladesh is highly subsidized. In present about 21 Government University, 52 private university, 15 medical university, 28 private medical university, 4 engineering college, 3197 general college, 18700 high school, 317 government high school, 82020 primary school, 2803 Madrasha is situated here. 


In present there are 7 divisions in Bangladesh, They are: Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajsahi, Khulna, Borishal, Sylhet and Rangpur. The population Dhaka division is so high then another division.


There are 64 Districts in Bangladesh. 17 in Dhaka division, 16 in Rajsahi, 11 in Chittagong, 10 in Khulna, 6 in Borishal and 4 in Sylhet. There are 559 Thana, 483 Upazilas, 4498 Union Porishad, 85,650 Villages and 308 Municipalitys here.

She has also a historical culture. The renown poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was born here. He wrote a lot of poem, novels, Gozols. Robindra Nath Tagore is another renowned person of literature who wrote a lot of poems, novels, story’s and he is famous for Gitangoli. The main sports are of this country is Cricket. Football is another popular spots here. The village spots like Ha-du-du, Gollachut, is also popular sports. Bangladesh develops her tourism sector in recent year. There so many Tourist spot in Bangladesh. World's largest sea beach Cox's Bazar is lies here. Rangamati, Saint Martin, Kuwakata, Paharpur Bihar etc are the popular tourist spot.
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